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In order for a more productive AGM the committee welcomes all members to share their ideas and concerns.  Note that the committee does not endorse any of these recommendations.  It's role is to at this stage is to remain neutral in order to encourage discussion so that a consensus among members can be reached.

Create 2 divisions

Ayen Bar

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on 04/07/2023 11:19:59

The creation of two divisions will have several benefits:

A shorter season

Teams will be more at the same level of skill, making games more exiting rather than winning or losing 14-1

The top 11 teams from this season will be in Division 1

The bottom 11 will be in Division 2.

At the end of the season, the bottom 4 teams  drop and the top 4 move up division.

Most bars have 2 teams anyway.

This would make the League  more competitive.